August 2012


Mintsplit was an individual submission to an R&D challenge put on by The Royal Canadian Mint. The challenge put out to software developers was to create apps for MintChip, digital currency in its R&D phase.

The idea behind Mintsplit was to ease the payback process amongst your peers by allowing a way to facilitate money requests, and payback via the same app. The common use case would be for a user to cover the cost of dinner on one bill, and then send requests for payback amongst friends. Given the total amount, the user could choose to have the app automatically divvy up the cost amongst their friends, or manually use slider controls to adjust each individual amount that was owed to them.

The emails would contain links inline the message that adhered to custom URI schemes registered at the operating system level in the app, so that the users friends could easily open up the app and have all the details (eg. amount owed, account details) already filled out.

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